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If your home or office needs air conditioner repair or installation, you are probably confused as to your options. There are many contractors offering these systems in Florida and it is important to find a professional HVAC company with many years of satisfied customer service. Well, let us help you with that decision.

For more than 25 years, Paradise Air & Heat has been serving individuals in Merritt Island surrounding areas with exceptional residential HVAC systems. Our service is stellar and we have maintained a consistent and solid reputation for quality and outstanding customer service.

Common Reasons for HVAC Breakdowns in Florida

Our experience has shown some common reasons for system breakdowns in Merritt Island and the surrounding area.

Poor and insufficient maintenance is definitely a factor. It will lead to unsatisfactory performance and problems.

Another common problem involves sensor issues. When neglected, sensors of forced air systems are subject to hazards and equipment malfunctions. Regular maintenance can help in this regard. Participation in our Paradise Club is also a wise investment.

How Residential HVAC Works

In residential HVAC systems, the air is blown through the evaporator and into the fan. The blower then blows the warm air into the room. Vents allow cool air from the outdoors to enter the room and bring it back down to a comfortable temperature before blowing it back out again. The unit then uses the compressor to power the fan and compressor.

One important thing about residential HVAC systems is that homeowners should understand that they must be maintained. Because they are so complicated, most homeowners don’t know how to maintain them to help the air quality. Most homeowners think that just by replacing filters and cleaning ducts they will have great air quality. While this may be good in some situations, it is not good in others, and this is especially true in the case of the ducts. It is also worth noting that UV lights can also help to promote clean air within a system.

Because residential HVAC systems are so complicated, they usually require more attention to prevent problems. Regular maintenance is one key to making sure that these systems work well for the occupants. The filter inside the unit should be changed on a regular basis. The air filter needs to be replaced monthly and the blower should be changed once every year. Both of these need to be done with a qualified technician.

We offer residential services customized to our client’s personal HVAC demands. Our services will improve your home comfort and leave you feeling happy as you escape from the Florida heat. Our residential AC services include:

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Have an old system that doesn’t seem to be keeping up anymore? Give us a call and we’ll install a brand new system for you.

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If your system has recently broken down, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll send over a qualified technician that can get your AC up and running in no time.

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Have a system that’s more than a few years old? Ensure its longevity by having one of our technicians inspect and perform maintenance on your unit.

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