You live in Florida’s hot, humid climate right? Well, it’s time to join the club!

The Paradise Club is your answer to a consistent and comfortable year-round climate control with our “on-call” fast response service.

Avoid being surprised, by being prepared.

HVAC Preventive Maintenance in Merritt Island

With Paradise Club preventative measures in effect, including regular checkups for your HVAC system, your club membership will help to avoid equipment service interruptions and expenses. 

Regular air conditioner and heating upkeep will maintenance will extend the life of your system. Florida’s constant heat and humidity are taxing on these systems, and your air conditioner system works especially hard to keep you comfortable. 

Paradise Club is a great investment for comfort and peace of mind. Paradise Air & Heat can show you anticipated ways on how to save money with this excellent plan.

Maintenance and repair personnel are all licensed and insured. Whether you require a new unit, AC repair, or you know that it’s been a while since someone has looked at your HVAC system, call Paradise Air & Heat today.